2015 Bullying Report

Over the past several years the “bullying problem” has escalated. Thankfully, though, so has people’s awareness to the subject.

Since 2008 we have seen legislative protection increasing, namely in bills brought about by the parents of victims of bullycide, where their child took their own life after an extended period of incessant bullying.

So, we’ve been giving out the basics. Live Free Be Strong has published a variety of articles relating to bullying, such as the forms and the 5 W’s of bullying (who, what,where, when, why).

Now, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of the top types of students likely to get bullied.

These are:

1) Students who identify or are perceived as LGBTQ – 81.9% of students in this group were bullied in the last year based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. Of all LGBTQ students, 31.8% of them missed at least one full day of class in a month because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable.

2) Weight Based Bullying- 33.3% of girls, and the same of boys, have been the victim of weight based teasing from their peers. Among the heaviest students, this number goes up to 60%.

3) Students of color- 33.3% of students of color reported being bullied based on the color of their skin

4) Students with disabilities- while an overall statistic for these students was not given, it has been found in various U.S. studied that children with disabilities are two to three times more likely to be bullied than their non-disabled peers. These students were also more worried about school safety and being injured/harassed by their peers than were the students without a disability. When reporting bullying, the youth in special education were told not to tattle almost twice as often as the youth that were not in special education.

Bullying affects EVERYONE. There is no “type” that is able to be bullied, just like a bully does not have one specific look. No one should be bullied for being who they are!

For more information, and more bullying facts, visit other helpful websites like NoBullying.org or Pacer.org