Five Steps Towards Preventing Bullying

June is National Safety Month! In honor of this, Live Free Be Strong has compiled a list of easy-to-do ways to prevent bullying, both in schools and online.

1) Don’t be fooled by the myths- often, boys will be boys. Too often though, phrases such as that or claiming that the incidents are “just kids stuff” are used to stop students harassing each other from being called what it is: bullying.

2) Don’t accept emails, friend requests, or chats from strangers – In this day of technology it becomes too easy for unsuspecting individuals to fall victim to cyber bullying. When you give someone you don’t know access to your private information you give them all they need to contact you further and cause what could be serious mental damage.

3) Talk about it- to family, to peers, to adults, just get it out in the open! Don’t ┬álet yourself be continuously hurt in any way by any person. And don’t have questions about what feels like it should be accepted and what doesn’t. Also it is important to know safety precautions to take, many of which can be told to you by an adult.

4) Be careful what you put online – Whether your Facebook friends with someone or not, people can usually get at least a glimpse of your private information. Think twice before posting phone numbers, an address, or slightly too much about yourself.

5) Stick together- hang with your friends! If you know that you’re picked on by a certain individual, and that nothing is being done to handle it, stick with your friends as opposed to leaving yourself susceptible to harassment. There is definitely truth to the idea of safety in numbers.

Stay safe, and stay happy! Live Free Be Strong wishes you a happy National Safety Month!