Live Free, Be Strong- Inside The Message

“Live free, be all that I’m meant to be.

            Because I’m strong enough to handle what life throws at me”

LIVE FREE BE STRONG isn’t just the name of our foundation; it’s a message to live by. The above quote opens the chorus of our anti-bullying song, and is a good overall summary of what the foundation aims to teach others.

We focus on empowerment. Empowering the individual. Empowering a group. Empowering others to help others. Our LIVE FREE BE STRONG empowerment symposiums have spread to teach hundreds of students this message, and hopefully given them the power to make a difference in their daily lives and in the lives of others.

Living free and being strong doesn’t imply that you should be ignoring the rules and ditching reality. It does imply that you should live life for you, and not allow yourself to be defined by the words or actions of others.

“So just wait and see how loud I can sing my song…live free, be strong.”