Bullying- Who, What, Where, When?

National Safety Month continues! As do our bullying facts, and tips on prevention.

We’ve mentioned the three main bullying components as being an imbalance of power, an intent to cause harm or distress, and the potential for the act to be repeated. We’ve detailed the statistics of bullying in Florida and other states. We’ve even gone into the Florida legislation against bullying. Now, we’re going back into the bullying basics.

Who: specifically, who can be targeted by bullying?

Short answer: ANYONE. No one is immune to falling victim to bullying actions. Because the truth is, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and a persons perceived size, popularity level, or personality doesn’t mean they can’t be harassed by others. However, there are certain factors that tend to make someone more appealing to a bully than others. Some of these include a bully perceiving them as weak, alone, over-anxious, or just different in one way or another.

Why: should we be against bullying?

As stated from Bully Beware Productions, here are some reasons to stand up and fight against bullying:

  • We can likely lower suicide rates- many children who are repeatedly victimized often see suicide as the only escape from bullying
  • many students do not know how to handle being bullied
  • Emotional scarring- even someone bullied as a child could be forever affected by the emotional scars it leaves
  • 71% of teachers believe they always intervene in bullying situations; only 25% of students believe teachers intervene in bullying situations.

Why: don’t people take a stand?

In one word: fear. Fear losing job, fears nothing will be done due to a lack of federal laws, fear that no one will believe their story, ect. Also there are often thoughts that the added stress is going to be worse than just dealing with the bully, or that the process to get grievance are too complex.

Where and When: can these things occur?

Simply put: anywhere. Bullying can occur in any location, and online. Likewise, though, so can prevention.

For example: lead by example! Don’t bully, and be an aid for others.