LGBT in Film

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we’ve compiled a list and description of just a few of the many LGBT characters found in film. Characters have been accepted in film for their sexuality and gender identity for almost the past century!

Armand Goldman- The Birdcage

In the 1996 film “The Birdcage”, Armand Goldman (played by Robin Williams) is the openly gay owner of a drag club in South Beach called “The Birdcage”. With everything from drag queens to an interfaith wedding, the film is heartwarming, though “so boisterously entertaining that it’s easy for the unsuspecting viewer not to realize that there’s a message here”.

‘Squash’ Bernstein- Victor Victoria

This 1982 film was adapted into a Broadway musical in 1995, and ‘Squash’ Bernstein is the burly bodyguard of “Victor”, a woman who plays a man playing a woman on stage (portrayed in this film by Julie Andrews). Overall, the “musical gender-bender” got the review of being “sharp, funny, and all around entertaining”. It was one of the earlier films to feature cross-dressing as a central plot element.

Brad- The Perks of Being A Wallflower

An adaptation of a 1999 novel, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a 2012 movie hitting on some difficult-to-tackle topics like teenage depression, suicide, and homosexuality. The character on our list is one of two main gay characters- He and his boyfriend, Patrick, keep a relationship hidden from others. Brad is the typical jock/popular individual, and upon other’s discovery of his homosexuality he is immediately torn down for it, both physically and mentally. Unlike others on the list, he is not quickly accepted for this. With that said, he gets more of a realistic path; while some are cruel, he does find out who is there to support him.

Dr. Frank- N- Furter- Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tim Curry plays a “sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania” in the cult-classic comedy-sci fi-horror-musical that is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Possibly one of the most outlandish LGBT characters, and one that is often referenced in other films (such as in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, where The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a big part of the story as one of the main past times of the characters).

Robert Frobisher- Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas, the film, is based on a 2004 book by David Mitchell. The movie came out in 2012, and has multiple plotlines set in six different eras. Robert Frobisher is a bisexual English composer, and in the part of the film set in Cambridge/Edinburgh, 1936. He composes his own masterpiece, “My Cloud Atlas Sextet” while working for aging composer Vyvyan Ayrs.