LGBT In Literature

LGBT In Literature

Following our first post on LGBT film, and keeping up with LGBT pride month, LIVE FREE BE STRONG brings you different LGBT literary characters, dating back to the 19th century.

Carmilla – 1872. First lesbian vampire story


Carmilla is one of the early works of Vampire fiction, and one of the first to incorporate gay/lesbian aspects. The story of Carmilla is the story of a young woman’s susceptibility to the female vampire, Carmilla. Carmilla was first published in the magazine “The Dark Blue”, and then later in “In a Glass Darkly.” It was written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. 

The Vampire Lestat – 1985. 


The Vampire Lestat is a vampire novel by Anne Rice, and follows her book “Interview with a Vampire” as the second book in her Vampire Chronicles series. This came out over a century after Carmilla. The narrorator, Lestat, escapes his family and runs off to Paris with his lover, Nicolas. In Paris Lestat is kidnapped and bitten by the vampire Magnus.

Boy Meets Boy – 2003


Boy Meets Boy is a young adult novel by David Levithan set in a gay-friendly small town in America, and describes a few weeks in the lives of high school students. While the central story does follow the usual romantic plotline of someone chasing someone, to lose them, and then eventually be reunited, the two main characters here are male. The novel won a Lambda Literary Award after its publication in 2003.

The Harry Potter Series- Albus Dumbledore


Possibly the most random of the group. Dumbledore from The Harry Potter series was revealed as gay in an interview with J.K. Rowling. While the books do not make this explicitly clear, it was the intent of the author that the Hogwarts headmaster was homosexual.