Live Free Be Strong Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Live Free Be Strong is proud to announce the first annual “If It’s Meant to Be, It’s Up to Me” essay scholarship competition.

This scholarship is open to any high school senior with a passion for making a change in the world around them. Live Free Be Strong is an anti-bullying not for profit organization with a focus on suicide prevention and motivating students to build a foundation of equality and acceptance today for students tomorrow. Five students graduating in 2017 will be awarded a 1,000 dollar scholarship to help them fund their future college endeavors. There is no GPA or college major requirement; we are purely looking for motivated students, students who we can help to make their world a better place for them and others.

Students will be expected to submit two separate documents:

1) Either a resume OR a personal statement. Live Free Be Strong would like to have an idea of who you are and what makes you you!

2) A 500-750 word double spaced essay based on one of the following three topics:

  • Option 1: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”. What does this motto mean and how do you strive to follow it in your life/how will you through college?
  • Option 2: Facing adversity is a difficult but necessary part of life. As we get older more challenges come our way, and we discover the values that are important to us. List and explain what value is the most important to you and a time in your life when you had to make a difficult choice with holding to whats important versus going against your moral code, and how you learned from the decision you made.
  • Option 3: Live Free Be Strong was built on turning a tragedy into a movement, as are so many non profit organizations. What fuels your passion? What is a situation you’ve witnessed that, given the chance, you would want to turn into something to help those around you?

Please submit all essays via email to with the following format:

Subject: *Insert name here* LFBS Scholarship Submission

Body of email: Please include your name, phone number, anticipated graduation date, and school currently attended. Please include this information in the heading of both documents. Put heading in upper corner- Live Free Be Strong board members will be blindly reading papers.

Submissions are due by March 17th, 2017, but will be read on an as received basis. LFBS will award up to two scholarships per topic, and students are invited to submit essays on multiple topics. Students will only be given a scholarship for one category so we can ensure helping as many students as possible. Winners will be contacted via phone call by Friday, April 7th. Scholarships will be addressed to the college the student will be attending. Winners will possibly be asked to attend scholarship reception in their honor in order to receive scholarship in May. More information will be given as date gets closer.

Good luck, and remember: “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to ME!”