The (Republican) Elephant in the Room



Election day is over. Groups everywhere are creating posts both in support of and against our recent Presidential elect. Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton, and many are wondering and predicting what this means for the country.

With the fear and despair many are experiencing at the moment, it seems important to make clear that Live Free Be Strong is aiming to be hopeful. We know the views of our soon-to-be president, and know where they do not pair up with a lot of views we hold.

With that said, we are an anti-bullying organization. We focus on student empowerment and supporting individuals to reach their highest potential through a positive attitude and believing in themselves.

As supporters of our mission, we hope others can find a similar opinion in their hearts.

We need to keep moving forward. At this point most know what is going on in our world, but those that are unaware might be the most important group to keep educated: the younger generation. Recently school bullying rates have risen in what many call the “Trump Effect”. Some students are feeling bolder in expressing their thoughts while putting others down, which will do nothing but harm.

Students should see school as a positive experience, not a scary one. They should grow up being proud to be American, not wondering why they couldn’t have grown up somewhere else. Most importantly, they should be proud of who they are and not afraid of the skin they are in.

Fear is rising, and the best combat is through education. Keep your kids informed on what is going on, and keep telling them that if they don’t like what they are seeing in the world then someday they may grow up to be able to change it.

At Live Free Be Strong we live by the motto “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me”. We believe in it, and we embody it. We hope you can too.