Thanksgiving or Eatsgiving?

I used to love Thanksgiving. It was a big holiday in my family, and we’d all say what we are thankful for. But I feel like as I get older either the table gets smaller and the family lessens, or everything was just giant-sized when I was younger.

Regardless, this year seemed to be all out of thanks or giving. And for me, that struck a chord. I had driven several hours to eat some turkey and drive home before dark.

For myself, in this case, I am deciding that in the later year and in holidays to come I will be more thankful.

For myself, I started a list of the things to be thankful for:

  1. I have a good meal, and good family. Some I was born into, others I have adopted over the years and live close to me.
  2. I had money to put gas in my car to drive hours to see family. For many it is a struggle to even get to and from work or school, and I am fortunate that I can go and come places as I please.
  3. I have my health, and those close to me have theirs. While some think stuffing themselves “sick” on the holiday qualifies as a disease, I think it is just another holiday ritual. I am blessed to not know true sickness right now.

Please add to the list! Write in and let us know what you are thankful for – and even go crazy and let us know some resolutions.

Happy Holidays! Love the LFBS team.