The Healthy Workplace Bill

The Healthy Workplace Bill- part of the Healthy Workplace Campaign.

Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more people (targets) by one or more perpetrators that take on the form of either verbal abuse, offensive conduct/behaviors, and/or work interference.

Workplace bullying is an issue that reminds everyone that bullying does not only affect school age students, but everyone. Up to 37% of working adults in America have reported being subject to bullying in the work environment. 80% of this bullying, surprisingly, is currently legal. When these workers are at-will employees, they are stuck. With this said, employees are realizing that this is causing for bad business.

Now, more unions are following in the footsteps of Sioux City, Iowa, which was the first school district in the nation to address workplace bullying for adult employees.

For places that haven’t adopted this idea willingly, there is the Healthy Workplace Bill. This bill, for the employees, provides an avenue for legal action if there is health harming cruelty at work (physical or mental), allows for individual legal action against the bully, seeks restoration for lost wages and benefits, and holds the employer accountable. For the employer, the bill precisely defines an “abusive work environment”, requires proof of health harm by licensed health or mental health professionals, and plugs gaps in current state and federal civil rights protections.

Currently 31 different legislatures have introduced the HWB, 29 states and 2 territories.