WalletHubb Bullying List: Florida Ranked 10th

WalletHub Bullying List: Florida Ranked 10th
A Few Statistics:
1) A student is bullied approximately every seven minutes
2) Every day more than 160,000 children skip school due to fear of bullies (National Education Association estimate)
3) Only about 15% of individuals, students and adults, will step in to stop it.
Beyond the impact on the students themselves, schools are burdened fiscally by the bullying issue. According to a report by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the average public school is likely to lose more than$2.3 million dollars a year due to suspensions, expulsions, vandalism, and lower attendance (all factors that can affect the funding a school receives for a given year)
WalletHub did something fairly unique: this “social network for your wallet” website attempted to bring light to the financial implications of bullying and the violence that comes with it. To do this a list was compiled measuring the relative levels of bullying in 42 states, as well as the District of Columbia, based on different “key metrics”, such as bullying incident rates and truancy costs for schools (the costs due to “any unauthorized or illegal absence from compulsory education”)
As aforementioned, Florida was ranked #10 on this list, with a 2 “Bullying Prevalence” rank and a 38 “Bullying Environment and Impact” rank. Florida ranked within the top five states for the lowest percentage of high schools bullied on school property and lowest percent of high school students bullied online. Unfortunately, Florida also ranked in the top five for highest percent of high school students who miss school because they felt unsafe, and was the top for the highest cost of truancy for schools as a result of bullying.
Take a look at the full list, and find out where your state ranks, at the link below: