When the going gets tough?

At Live Free Be Strong we have made a habit of recognizing national anti-bullying month, which is every year in October. We wear blue shirts in solidarity to show that we are against bullying, and that it has no place in our world.

Why post in September, then?

School has been back a month, whether you are starting first grade or your final year of your final degree in college.

And besides the possibility of running into some not-so-nice people, we are encountered with daily problems that make our lives a little more hectic. And chances are, you won’t run into these problems only in the month that we recognize as anti-bullying month.

My question to you is what do you need to do to make every day your own personal awareness day?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Breathe. It sounds dumb, but make sure to inhale in and out deeply a few times a day. Maybe close your eyes and take in the world around you, and remind yourself of your place in it.
  2. Don’t schedule yourself for 100%. While there is plenty to do in life it is hard to give a 100% into the things you do if you do not take some of your time for yourself. Naps are not just for kindergartners!
  3. Take time to take care of yourself. Pick something that makes you feel good, and make sure you make time for it. That can be a run, a bubble bath, a trip to your favorite fast food joint, or anything else that makes you happy.
  4. Find your peaceful people. We all have those places and people that gives us a sense of serenity – figure out what yours is and make sure you keep that sense of peace long after you’ve left that location.